Corner of Devlin and Wallace Streets, Coolamon

Coolamon’s first ever NSW Ambulance station has been built at the Corner of Devlin and Wallace Streets in Coolamon on land generously donated by Coolamon Council.

In August 2017, it was announced that construction of the NSW Ambulance station at Coolamon was complete.

NSW Ambulance will now begin the carefully planned fit out and commissioning process of the station.

This is before a staged roll-out of services which will ensure the ongoing delivery of high-quality emergency care during the transition.

Designed with input from local paramedics, the station will enable NSW Ambulance to meet the mobile emergency care needs of Coolamon and surrounds for years to come.

The NSW Government is investing in purpose-built and modern NSW Ambulance stations to help support the clinical capability of our highly-trained paramedics.

The station is expected to become fully operational in 2018.

The RAIR program currently includes 22 locations across the state that will benefit from an upgraded, rebuilt or entirely new ambulance station including the completed station at Wagga Wagga.

The RAIR program represents the biggest regional and rural transformation of NSW Ambulance infrastructure in the organisation’s history.

The Coolamon NSW Ambulance station will include:
•    Parking bays for up to two ambulance vehicles to ensure our infrastructure is ready to meet projected patient demand increases over the next decade and beyond
•    Administration, office area and amenities
•    On site staff parking
•    A logistics and storage area
•    An external wash bay.


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