Fernleigh Road, Turvey Park

The Wagga Wagga NSW Ambulance station was officially opened on 6 December 2017.

The brand new NSW Ambulance station includes:

  • An advanced training complex designed with the input of local staff to meet the unique needs of paramedic education and practice
  • Consolidation of the NSW Ambulance station with fleet maintenance into one convenient location
  • Parking bays for up to 14 ambulance vehicles to ensure our infrastructure is ready to meet projected patient demand increases over the next decade and beyond
  • Administration, office area and amenities
  • On site staff parking
  • A logistics and storage area.

A contractor was appointed in 2015 and main works began in late 2015. Construction was completed in October 2016 with the station fully operational in 2017.

Wagga-Wagga-Ambulance-Station-Artist-Impression.pngArtist's impression of the new Wagga Wagga NSW Ambulance station.

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