The Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) program is delivering upgraded, rebuilt or entirely new NSW Ambulance stations in rural and regional NSW to support the delivery of enhanced out of hospital emergency medical care to the community.

Health Infrastructure, working with NSW Ambulance, actively recognises community engagement and is providing the following information as part of the public consultation process in the development of key ambulance infrastructure.

The RAIR project team includes a range of subject matter experts, including senior NSW Ambulance operational managers whom are able to respond to enquiries from
residents. NSW Ambulance paramedics and staff operate harmoniously in residential areas across NSW, commonly being active residents of the community themselves, particularly in regional and rural areas.
Health Infrastructure, on behalf of NSW Ambulance, thank you for your interest in the new ambulance station. Health Infrastructure will continue to keep the community
informed during planning and construction, and encourage you to email HI-RAIR@health.nsw.gov.au should you have any queries or concerns.