The Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) program is delivering upgraded, rebuilt or entirely new NSW Ambulance stations in rural and regional NSW to support the delivery of enhanced out of hospital emergency medical care to the community.

Health Infrastructure, working with NSW Ambulance, actively recognises community engagement and is providing the following information as part of the public consultation process in the development of key ambulance infrastructure.
All new ambulance stations delivered under the RAIR program are built to meet the requirements of highly skilled paramedics across the state and designed to ensure they are recognisable as key ambulance infrastructure. Each project undergoes rigorous planning by expert design consultants to ensure it is built in the best location to meet future demand, includes the required facilities, and supports operational needs. A landscape plan identifies trees and landscaping to be retained or established, both of which assist with aesthetics of the building, streetscape and any acoustic impacts of the station. The identified placement of the building on the allotment is fundamental to the effective operations of the station and the high quality mobile emergency care that will be provided by NSW Ambulance paramedics operating from their new base.